The island of Isokari (60 ° 43.24’N, 21 ° 01.90’E), part of the municipality of Kustavi, is located in the southern Bothnian Sea, about 22 km southwest of Uusikaupunki. The distance from Kustavi is about 20 km. Isokari is an oasis in the middle of the sea.

In addition to rocky and rocky beaches, the island has lush groves, dry fields and vascular meadows. The nature of the island is very diverse in terms of both flora and fauna. The old settlement and especially the grazing and the associated collection of winter fodder have contributed to the diversification of the flora of the otherwise very natural island. As many as 380 different plant species have been found in Isokari. Part of the island belongs to the Bothnian Sea National Park.

Isokari is known for its lighthouse, which was completed during the reign of Czar Nicholas I of Russia in 1833. Its design began as early as the early 19th century after the Napoleonic Wars, when Finland came under Russian rule. The Gulf of Bothnia used to be transported mainly along the Swedish coast, but Russia also wanted a connection to the Finnish side of the Gulf of Bothnia. Isokari is the second tallest lighthouse in Finland (49.4 m).

In addition to the lighthouse staff, the island was once inhabited by the crew of the pilot station. Today, some of the buildings are leased to summer residents.


The island has active tourist activities and in summer you can visit the lighthouse with a guide. The lighthouse island of Isokari can be reached either by own boat or during the summer boat trips are made from Uusikaupunki and Kustavi. Read more about the island’s services and

Summer 2021 excursions from Kustavi

Excursion days from 6 to 28 July 2021: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Departure from Kustavi (Kivimaa) at 3 p.m.
  • Isokari guided tour of the island and visit the lighthouse from 4pm </ li >
  • Have your time hiking the island and enjoying the lighthouse views until 7pm
  • Departure from Isokari at 7 pm
  • Arrival in Kustavi at about 7.30pm

The price of the trip is 65 € / person included

  • Round-trip sea trips from Kustavi to Isokari
  • Guided island tour of Isokari and entrance to the lighthouse
  • picnic lunch: hearty snack bread, coffee / tea / juice and spring water

The tour can accommodate 8 lighthouse travelers at a time, and the price of the tour (65 €) is the same for everyone