Church lands

Church lands

The church grounds of St. Jakob’s Chapel can be found at Rahintie 576

St. Jakob’s Chapel in Rahin Kunnarais was completed in 1675. One hundred years later, in 1783, the logs and boards of St. Jakob’s Chapel were moved to Kivimaa when the chapel congregations merged. The church was rebuilt and consecrated as the church of the parish of Kustavi. Most of the objects in the present church are from old chapels. According to tradition, the belfry has been moved in its entirety from Kunnarainen to its current location next to Kustavi’s Church.

The memorial stone on the site of the church reads: “In 1676 on the day of James, July 25, the chapel and churchyard of St. Jakob were dedicated to this place. May the dead who are buried in this holy place rest in peace. Jesus Christ our Savior will raise us up on the last day.”

The church grounds of St. Johannes’ Chapel can be found at Kappelirannantie 33

The Chapel of St. Johannes was built in the Middle Ages on the island of Vartsala. It is mentioned in the 1554 inventory of the archipelago churches compiled by Mikael Agricola.

When the chapel began to deteriorate in the 18th century, the idea of ​​building a new church in the village of Kivimaa arose. No new church was built, but the Chapel of St. Johannes was moved from Rahi. The transferred and expanded chapel was consecrated as the Church of Gustav in 1783. The artefacts of the church are mostly from the old chapels.

Source: Kustavi parish website.