Midsummer poles

Midsummer poles

In addition to Åland and the Swedish-speaking archipelago, Midsummer poles or Maistonki is part of Kustavi’s old Midsummer tradition. Kustavi is the only Finnish-speaking municipality where Midsummer poles have been raised for more than two hundred years. Tastings celebrate Midsummer across Kustavi.

In ancient times, Midsummer poles were believed to bring happiness and protect against evil. Their decoration also has its own symbolic meaning. The pennant at the top of the salon expresses diligence and sailboats in homage to the sailors. The flower vines serve as a symbol for a bountiful harvest and the bridal crown is believed to bring fertility. The symbolism has remained the same for centuries, but the shape of the portfolios varies from region to region.

Midsummer poles can be seen all year round. They are decorated and raised on Midsummer’s Eve to await the next Midsummer, when they are again counted and decorated.

In Kustavi, midsummer poles can be found at least in the following places: South and North Vartsala and Rahi.

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