Fishing trips

With a guided fishing trip, you will get valuable tips on the secrets of fishing.

Fishing Areas

We will update the fishing areas in the Kustavi region in the winter 2020-2021

Fishing permits and fees

The fisheries management fee is paid by anyone between the ages of 18 and 64 who engages in fishing other than angling, ice fishing or herring. The fee is 45€ / year, 15€ / week, and 6€ / day.

The fisheries management fee can be paid at Erä, via Metsähallitus ‘telephone service and at Metsähallitus’ nature centers and R-kiosks. On weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm, the number of the corresponding toll-free telephone service is 020 69 2424. The R-kiosk charges a small service fee for the sale of a permit.


The fisheries management fee is a statutory obligation. The money collected from fisheries management fees is used for the planning and implementation of the management and use of fishing waters. The funds will be used to improve the quality of fishing waters and stocks. Funding is available to fisheries areas, fisheries control and advice, and water owners as compensation for the use of fishing waters. In addition, the expenses incurred by the state and Metsähallitus in collecting the fisheries management fee are covered.

The fishing management fee entitles you to fish with one rod and lure, to troll with one rod, lure and weight lure, and to reel. The fisheries management fee covers almost all Finnish waters. However, the fisheries management fee does not entitle the holder to fish in the rapids and streams of migratory waters, in special areas requiring a site-specific permit, in closed areas and in Åland.

If you intend to fish with more than one rod per fisherman, a permit from the owner of the water body or the holder of the fishing right is required, regardless of age. Similarly, in addition to the fisheries management fee, fishing gear and crab fishing always require the permission of the owner of the water area or the holder of the fishing right. Usually, network and catwalk permits are sold by partnerships or their representatives.

By law, all fishermen who pay a fisheries management fee register with the fisheries management fee register. The register collects more detailed information on fishing and is used to manage fishing waters and fish stocks.

Compliance with the Fisheries Act is monitored by the fisheries inspectors who have passed the fishing inspector’s test and have been authorized, as well as by the police, the Border Guard, the state fisheries authorities and Customs. Fishing in state waters is also supervised by Metsähallitus’ batch inspectors. Upon request, the fisherman must present his permit to the fishing supervisor. If the fishing right is based on age, the fisherman must be able to prove his age.

If a fisherman does not have a fishing license or if the fishing activity is manifestly in excess of or in breach of certain fishing regulations, the fisheries controller has the right to recover the gear and fishing gear used and the catch. The fisheries inspector may also issue a proof order requiring the fisherman to provide proof of payment of the fisheries management fee to the police within seven days of the issuance of the proof order.

Infringements of the fisheries management fee may be subject to a fine of EUR 100 and other fishing offenses shall be punishable by a fine.