General instructions

General instructions

Kustavi is a fishing traveller’s dream destination: there are 337 square kilometers of water, more than 900 kilometers of coastline. Over a thousand islands and vast outcrops offer a varied fishing experience.

The area is known for its clear-water sea urchins, especially near the opening of Kihti and Iniö. Kelp is known to thrive in clear waters. And from where the kelp is, the biggest fishes swim. The most abundant fish stocks in Kustavi are pike, perch, pike-perch and whitefish. Thanks to the plantations, the sizes and quantities of sea trout have also increased – the sea trout caught are up to 3-4 kilos.

In addition to angling, ice fishing and lure fishing, you can go trolling and fishing in Kustavi.

Golden fishing rules in the Kustavi region

  • Maintain fishing permits in a timely manner
  • I only fish for my own needs
  • I keep the water body clean
  • I respect the peace and property of another
  • Fishing is prohibited below 50 meters of tagged gear
  • Let the undersized fish grow back
  • I am a good example to other fishermen
  • I’m marking my gear correctly
  • I keep fishing permits with me for control
  • It is recommended that pike fishing be calmed during the spawning season in May

In order for a fishing trip to be a success in all respects, it is worth knowing in advance the fishing methods and areas as well as the fishing rules and closed seasons.

The Natural Resources Centre’s fish surveys can be found here. By participating, you can help with fish research.