Fishing methods

Fishing methods

Everyone’s rights include fishing by angling, ice fishing and sledding. For other fishing methods you need the appropriate permits excl. special groups.

Pike: casting, trolling
Pike is the most common prey fish in Kustavi along with perch. Smaller pike hid in the vicinity of reeds, bigger ones in deeper water. Since pike stay in different places during different seasons, it’s worth asking the area’s fishing guides for tips.

Perch: casting, ice fishing, fishing rods
Perch are a popular prey in the fall and winter as flocks of perch congregate on the edges of banks and slopes. In summer, you can get perch by angling from the edges of the reeds.

Pike-perch: casting, trolling, ice fishing
Pike-perch thrives in slightly deeper waters. In June and August, it rises in the evenings to eat near the surface, from where it can be grabbed, for example, by trolling. In the fall, pike-perch’s jig fishing is popular.

Sea trout: casting, trolling
The fishery regularly plants sea trout in the area. However, sea trout are harder to find because they roam the area a lot. Autumn is the best time to catch sea trout.

Whitefish: fishing rod
Whitefish fishing has become popular in recent years, especially in the spring. After the departure of the ice, the bottom problem of whitefish in the first sun of spring is a great start to the fishing summer for many. In the spring, whitefish may be found in the streams and at the cleanest points.

Herring: sprouting
In spring and autumn, herring catches well e.g. From the stone pier. When the flock hits the spot, you can get food for the whole family to the table in an instant. What is better than fresh self-caught herring?

Remember to fish only for your own needs.