Kustavi – Uusikaupunki fishing area

Kustavi – Uusikaupunki fishing area

Fisheries areas act as a co-operation body for an integrated fisheries area and their description and tasks are defined in the Fisheries Act (379/2015).

The main task of fisheries areas is to draw up an use and management plan for their area. The plan should be ready by the end of 2021. The use and management plan is a document guiding the activities of the fishing area, which outlines, among other things, the organization of fishing and measures for the management of fishing water in the area. The implementation of the use and management plan is supervised by the ELY Center. The fishing area shall organize the use and management of fishery resources in accordance with an approved use and management plan. Authorities shall also take into account the general guidelines of the use and management plan. Other responsibilities in the fisheries area include advocating for members, organizing fisheries control, collecting management and fisheries monitoring data, and distributing owner compensation to water area owners. Source: ahven.net.

Want to get involved in fishing?

The fishing area in Kustavi and Uusikaupunki operates in the entire municipality and annually plants sea trout, whitefish, pike-perch, pike and fry. You can participate in the plantations by crediting the desired amount to the account of the fishing zone. The account number is FI17 5491 7840 0172 55.

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