Katanpää Castle Island

Katanpää Castle Island

Katanpää’s location was strategically important for a long time, as it was possible to monitor all three coastal waterways through the Archipelago Sea. Katanpää was used as a war port as early as the 19th century. The fortress of Katanpää, which has since been built, is the northernmost part of the largest chain of fortresses in the Baltic Sea, built by Czar Nicholas II in the 1910s.

In the mid-1980s, the Defense Forces carried out extensive renovations of old buildings in Katanpää. The forts are protected by ancient monuments and must be moved with care – both for the visitor’s own safety and for the preservation of the fortifications.

Although Katanpää no longer has military significance, it is especially valued by boaters culturally and historically. The island is a favorite destination for holidaymakers, with thousands of visitors each year. Katanpää is the southernmost destination in Selkämeri National Park .

Boat trips from Kustavi and Uusikaupunki are made to Katanpää during the summer season.

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