Kustavin Charter

Kustavin Charter

Kustavin Charter organizes customized cruises and charter boat trips in the most beautiful archipelago in the world to your liking.

  • Special cruises € 25
  • Katanpää € 30
  • Vuosnaisten Meriasema € 30
  • Isokari € 50
  • Brandö € 50
  • Iniö € 50

Prices per person. Book your cruise from the number below.

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Also ask about cruise packages for a couple of days.
Accommodation in an idyllic 1880 original restored Merikapteen house. There is also a modern courtyard sauna, shower, toilet, washing machine and all modern technology with fiber-optic connections. Within two hundred meters 4 restaurants, shop, alcove and bank. Experience the magic of an authentic archipelago.