The Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail

The unique Archipelago Trail, about 250 kilometers long, goes around the Turku Archipelago. The Archipelago Trail can be reached by car, bicycle or even on foot. The islands are connected by dozens of bridges and eight ferries. In 2021, the trail will be fully open from May 14 to August 29, 2021.

Take Kustavi as the starting and ending point of the trip, stop with us for several days and fall in love with the local attractions and services. The good services of Vartsala Island are also worth a visit.

By car the trip takes a day and then it is good to book a place for the ferries. The ferries can be reached by bike without queuing and the route will be done in three days. Kustavi has a wide range of accommodation options and during the high season it is a good idea to make a reservation in advance. Overall, the route is open during the summer season from May to September. Other connections also operate outside the summer season, but the ferry connection to Iniö and Houtskar only serves during the summer season. The ferry connection between Iniö and Houtskar is the only toll road on the trail.

Bicycles are available for rent at least the following points in Kustavi: Lootholma, Spauna and Peterzens. For more detailed rental information, visit .

When planning, it is good to note that the ferry operating between Taivassalo and Velkua does not carry cars. The connection between Taivassalo and Velkua is chargeable.

With the Ely Water Scheduling Service, you can plan your own excursion schedule: Archipelago Trail Guide.

Archipelago Trail Facebook site maintained by municipality.