General instructions for cycling

General instructions for cycling

In the archipelago, roads are narrow in places and bike paths are mostly missing. Basic guidelines for cycling in the archipelago:

  • Cycle in line, not side by side.
  • From time to time, traffic may be heavy on busier routes so schedule your bike ride on quieter time.
  • The departure and arrival of ferries occasionally cause heavy traffic on the roads leading to the ports.
  • Dress visibly, for example wear an attention vest

Services for cyclists in the Kustavi region:

Bicycles are available for rent at at least the following points in Kustavi: Lootholma, Spauna and Peterzens. See for more detailed rental information.

Wheel maintenance, such as adding air to the tires and making small adjustments, is possible at:

The traffic safety website contains traffic rules for cyclists and tips for safe cycling. Visit the site here

Visit Cycling Network website for general information on cycling here