Friisilä farm

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Friisilä farm

The Friisilä farm is located in Kustavi’s Viherlahti. The farm is a small, vegetable-growing farm that produces pure local food for local consumers.

Friisilä cultivates e.g. early potatoes, a wide variety of roots, peas and berries. In co-operation with other farmers in the vicinity, Friisilä’s farm offers a comprehensive range of fresh, seasonal products directly to customers.

During the summer, the Friisilä farm serves daily both in the center of Kustavi and directly on the farm. The kiosk in the yard of Sale Majakka is open every day during the early potato, strawberry and berry harvest season. Tilapuoti and the summer café at Friisiläntie 8 are also open daily during the summer season. The café bakes fresh pastries and wonderful cakes every day.

There is a lot to see and experience on the farm during shopping and delicacies: there are animals in the yard, e.g. chickens, ducks and bunnies. A sandpit, a slide and a small bouncy castle to be erected, weather permitting, invite children to play. From the edge of the forest there is an exciting Tarumetsäpolku, along which you can meet the inhabitants of the forest, e.g. earthworms, trolls and fairies.

Welcome to local food shopping and enjoy Friisilä!

The people of the Frisian farm
Mari Väisänen 040-7634444
Timo Siivonen 040-5487455