Vuosnaisten meriasema (marine station) custom sauna

Vuosnaisten meriasema (marine station) custom sauna


A custom sauna will crown your day in Kustavi. The large sauna offers sweet steam for up to 12 people. A decent stove, hand-carved, wide benches covered with cotton mats combined with lavish sea views provide a relaxing and memorable sauna experience.

It’s hard to describe a sauna in words, you have to experience it for yourself.

The sauna has A-licenses. Please remember to place a possible drink order when booking the sauna. You can cool off in either the cozy dressing room / lounge or on the glazed terrace with unparalleled views. Infrared heaters are also available on the terrace in cool weather!

The sauna is located close to other services, but still in its own peace. We wish you a relaxed steam and sauna peace!


  • For guests: 8.00 * € / person / hour
  • For others: 10.00 * € / person / hour
  • *) per person: $ 12.00 / hour
  • For groups: request a quote!