Cafe Maggia

Cafe Maggia

Our small and cordial café is located in the idyllic center of Kustavi, about 70 km from Turku. We are well accessible by car, bike, bus and even a boat (nearby, about 200 meters away is the Kustavi shopping pier)

We want to be a child-friendly café and we welcome everyone, from baby to granddaughter. There is a small staircase at the entrance, but if necessary we will help you cross it. The entrance is quite wide, so most wheelchairs can accommodate it. However, the building is old and therefore some of the access roads are a bit challenging. An accessible toilet can be found on the party room side if required. In connection with the café, there is one toilet, which can be accessed from the café’s terrace.

There is a playground in the yard where you can play at your own risk and under the supervision of a guardian. Dogs (and other pets) are also allowed on our terrace, kind and peaceful doggies are welcome inside the café with their owners.

The café serves good and fresh coffee. Tea and cold drinks are also available. We make most of our delicacies ourselves. The selection includes e.g. a variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, berry pie, oven-fresh buns and the monks we baked ourselves in the summer season! During the summer, we also try to keep a selection of vegan delicacies!

For a little hunger, you will find stuffed rolls, rye bread and light savory. We also aim to support other entrepreneurs in the area and, for example, source raw materials from nearby producers. We prefer cleanliness and domesticity in our products.

We also make pastries to order and we also hope that larger quantities will be announced well in advance so we can prepare. We take cakes and other orders on a limited basis, as we have time to bake at the store.

A warm welcome!