Travel tips

In Kustavi you will find interesting things to see and do, either for a few hours or even days.

For this, we have compiled ideas for single and group trips. Contact the tourist information office for more information. Together we are planning a unique visit to Kustavi.

For group travelers, we recommend exploring the tourist tips and group page.

Through the Kustavi Tourist Association, you will find professional Kustavi guides, which help in the successful planning and implementation of a group trip.

Guide update is still under work.

Getting to know the history of the archipelago

Church (nature and culture trail) -Kirkkomaa-Vartsala Old School-Museum-Spauna / Meriasema

Getting to know the Bothnian Sea National Park

Katanpää and Isokari are located in Kustavi, which is located in the Bothnian National Park. Both have boat trips during the high season. In the low season you can book your own safe boat trip to the islands.

Getting to know the archipelago nature

Getting to know the nature of the archipelago is good to start with nature trails.

Shopping day in Kustavi

Tips for school and student groups

The circus school organizes customized workshops and performances for groups.
Groups are welcome at Rahi’s domestic animal yard. By prior arrangement you can visit also outside of opening hours.

Excursion to Jurmo – a pop-up in neighboring Åland